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"What would I do..." Totally NOT medical advice by Alyssa.

What I would do if...

I got prescribed anti-depressants and I'm not even sure if the diagnosis of Severe Depression I was given was correct. Also, kinda interested in ice baths. Maybe that would help???

Here is how I would break down my process:

  1. I would challenge it. Do I really feel like I need them?, or that I was given a correct diagnosis? Do some of the symptoms fit and so I’m just hoping for an answer that is easy and rather than coming to terms that it might be more complex than that?

  2. I would look at the risks/symptoms of the drugs and see if they out weigh the purported benefits (spoiler alert I never end up taking them personally but this has to be an educated and personal decision)

  3. NOW FOR RECOVER: This is all VERY simple stuff but it saves lives and does wonders for mental health. I would ask myself if I am doing basic things to keep my body functioning (I’m talking super basic stuff): -Drinking enough water, Eating regular meals and not starving myself certain times of the day and then shoving my face other times, getting basic macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats), receiving the emotional support that I need from those around me, taking a break when I am stressed, regular movement (doesn’t have to be formal exercise), getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night consistently (not less but also not more!). Feeding my spirit and connection with the divine whatever that looks (prayer, meditation, scriptures, studying Chakras).

  4. THEN after I sort out the things in number 3 that I’m not doing consistently I can add in things like Consistent exercise, getting up early and getting sunlight or red-light exposure, reducing my toxic load, ice baths, compression therapy, fine tuning micronutrient intake, breath work, meditation (therapy for those who want it. I think most therapy is a load of crap just from my personal experience haha but if it’s your thing then this is where I would put that). This is all the fun stuff that I like to try and experiment with and talk about on IG. A lot of the time people will find one thing here that changes their life and they swear by. For others like me it’s just doing as many as you can and they all help a little in their own way.

So yes, I would do an ice bath. But making a ritual of ice baths is going to have little long term affect if you're not eating regularly and drinking water.

For myself personally I struggle the most mentally when I'm not doing the small basic things to keep myself alive (makes sense right?). Some might argue that it is mental health issues that cause lack of self-care and not the other way around and I agree that it's cyclical but studies in epigenetic show that your mental state has more to do with environmental factors than it does your genetics- and IDK why people want to argue me on this all the time like it's not PC to say because it's like I'm saying it's your own fault. Well like I always say it may not be your own fault but it is your responsibly! So isn't it a comfort to know you have control now!

If you give up ownership over your health issues you're also giving up the power to heal yourself.

I would take ownership that likely I'm not even giving my body the basics of what it needs if I am in that situation. So I would start there, then in 2 weeks add in the ice bath :).

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