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Q: What is the difference between a Mold Dod and any other type of Mold Detection Test?

A: Most Mold Tests are Air-Quality Samples so if the Mold is Hidden behind walls or is not being disturbed enough to get into the air and collected on the sample you will get a false negative. Secondly, even if an air-quality test is able to pick-up hidden mold it will not be able to tell you where the mold is so it is of little help.

Q: Are Air-Quality Tests bad/useless?

A: In our experience Third Party Air Quality Tests are reliable for TWO things and this is often what we use them for in our business:

They are great at confirming Mold Growth once it is already found, learning WHAT molds are growing etc (this is good for documentation for legal purposes or for concrete 'science' to show someone who may not recognize the seriousness of mold exposure to some.

Secondly, they are very good at recognizing if Mold Spores are actively in the air beyond normal safe levels. For this reason we hire a Third Party Air-Quality Tests EVERY time we do a mold removal to ensure that the air is safe to take down containment areas and remove industrial air-filtration equipment. This, in my opinion is the best use of this type of mold test.

Q: If mold is not in the air/dead or behind walls isn't it safer than letting it out in the open?

A: This is a great questions! Yes and no. If not handled properly it can be more harmful to disturb. That is of course no reasons to leave it! Even dead mold can release harmful spore fragments. Even hidden mold can release Mycotoxins that are harmful to health. Finding an educated contractor who understands and takes seriously the affects of mold exposure and the proper remediation technique is CRUCIAL. Both Trent and Haws Homes (Haws Family LLC) are trained and registered with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and recognized for his training and certification in both Water Damage Restoration and Applied Microbial Remediation. (RN: 70042198)

Q: What is a Mycotoxin? I've heard not all mold creates this?

A: Mycotoxins are basically the toxic off gas that some molds produce. Of the 4 top molds most commonly found in homes all 4 produce mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are commonly what is affecting health with hidden mold because spore exposure is less when the mold is behind walls, under flooring etc. but the Mycotoxin gases transfer more easily though walls and other barriers.

Q: How do I detox from Mold after I realize that I have exposure?

A: That is a great questions and as HAWS HOMES and well as our other business HAWS BEES are both highly health focused we are planning to have a whole referral page of options for you to begin your healing journey! All people we know, trust and have used ourselves. Some of them even offered a discount for those we send over! It is still in the works but should be finished on Nov 18th 2023 and updated Jan 8th 2024.

In the meantime here is a simplified list of the beginning stages of healing: (not medical advice)

1) Stop Mold Exposure. The first step is understandably to stop exposing yourself to mold. Whether that means you get it removed or you remove yourself from the environment you are being exposed in, it is extremely important first step to stop the exposure!

Your health is worth it. If you need extra convincing that mold is harming you I suggesting getting a Blood Toxicity Test done! (I'm going to get one and then I will let you know if I suggest the person I go to if you live in my area!)

2) Gentle Detox As a Health and Wellness Advocate I believe the body knows best and gentle detox methods that help the body heal ITSELF are the most effective methods in my humble, non-medial advice opinion.

-Get your Lymphatic System going

-Support your Bile and Liver Function

-Purify your Blood and Cardiovascular System

If you are looking for suggestions on how I do this you can visit my (not medical advice) instagram account @hawsbeeshoney and also, be sure to educate yourself of the risks and benefits of any intervention or method anyone tells you and listen to your intuition on what will work for you!

3) Maximize Health and Thrive

Things like blood panels and hair scans can help you stay on track and make small tweaks to maximize your new found health. Healing from Mold can be a long and complex process.

Celebrate the small wins.

Keep a journal to record progress and remember how far you/ and loved ones have come.

Educate yourself and others on prevention to reduce the risk of exposure in the future.

Stay Calm, remember mold is a natural part of life and our bodies are resilient. The goal isn't to be paranoid about all mold in site or mind. It's to decrease the overall load on our bodies so they have he capacity to heal themselves of all sorts of environmental factors around them. <3


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