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Ten Therapies to Get Rid of Mold in Your Body

...once you get rid of it in your house.

  1. SWEAT-whether you choose a sauna for it's many other benefits or you try a new exercise that gets you sweating, sweat is a natural and safe detox method for most people when it comes to mold.

  2. There are more aggressive ways to detox than this. I prefer a focused on methods that are as mild as possible and prevent further toxic harm while supporting your bodies natural detox functions. Obviously the more exposure you have the more support you will need to give your body

  3. CUT OUT EXTRA INFLAMMATION- in the form of inflammatory foods. Let's not get into the nuances of specific controversial whole foods and focus on what is likely the biggest problem: Highly Processed Highly Refined Junk Foods! This may seem like a broad answer to some so let me suggest something more specific. Cut out the purchase of everything that has more than FOUR ingredients listed. If it has more than 4 ingredients BUY the ingredients and make it at home from scratch. Try that for 2 weeks and see how you feel. This might seem simple for some people but it cuts out essentially all pre-prepared food and gives you the chance to reevaluate what you're buying at the grocery store- including stuff you have previously seen as healthy because of something that is or isn't in it, or things you didn't think had an impact at all like dressings and sauces with mile long lists of inflammatory ingredients.

  4. NEBULIZING- Saltwater Saline with Hydrogen Peroxide solution. Unless extremely incorrectly done nebulizing a diluted solution of HP has no harmful affects on the lungs (according to Dr Mercola and Dr Brownstein). You can find Dr Borwnstein and Mercola's Protocols for Nebulizing HP and a blog about the process and our personal use HERE

  5. INTRAVENOUS GLUTATHIONE- IV Therapies are a great option, in my opinion, for those who have toxicity issues because of the sometimes unreliable digestive absorption that comes with toxicity related gut issues for many people. Glutathione is an antioxidant typically created in the body meaning it's goal is to combat free radicals! I prefer to do this After a IZ OZONE treatment which also helps but didn't quite make my 'simple' detox methods list (please look into it if you need a more intense treatment its my first option for a more intense intervention and I recommend it to anyone with recurring symptoms/damage)

  6. DHA-I do want to add that I have recently learned more about synthetic Glutathione and it's potential for an inflammatory effect or allergic reaction can be higher and some have suggested it's better to support your body in building its own glutathione. The alternative IV therapy for this is DHA. I have done both and they have both been beneficial. Eating lots of DHA, omega-3, rich foods help too if your gut can absorb it. My kids favorite is a well sources Sardine (promise its not too big of a shift from tuna), mine is Alaskan Wild Caught Sokeye Salmon

  7. HYDRATE- The best advice I have on hydrating is to drink water. Haha. But seriously. I love my hydrogen water bottle and feel like it helps a lot. Salt or electrolyte packs can also be helpful but nothing too fancy is needed. Just drink water. No need to overcomplicate it. The majority of Mold is detoxed through Urine. (One of the reasons I suggest Urine tests over blood tests for Mold toxicity if you have access) so help that process along!

  8. HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C- Whether more aggressively through a therapy or PACKING it into your diet will help a ton! Although well known Vitamin C is still, imo, highly underrated for the benefits it provides. It's also highly available and affordable!

  9. GARLIC- specifically when raw is known as an anti-fungal powerhouse adding this food to your diet is sure to help! Other scallions and Onions closely follow it on the list!

  10. LEAFY GREENS- What don't they help with. These folate rich little guys are also full of Fiber (helps with ... that other form of detox), and a neverending list of micronutrients that support natural body detox functions all in a unique way. We could write a whole lost on them but for now... just eat them <3 A Super easy want to get some Greens in is HAWS BEES MORINGA POWDER. Harvested from our very own tree that we grew our very own selves and harvest and dry the leaves of our very own too.

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