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The Story of Haws Bees...

Once upon a time two business minded people fell in love and got married. They wanted to be a part of something bigger! So instead of plugging along trying to find meaning in life they started thinking of things they already knew about that they could use to impact the world around them for the better. Trent enjoyed beekeeping with his family growing up and Alyssa enjoyed art, design and aesthetic. Both share a love for the outdoors.  

The Birth of Haws Bees happened very organically- as most good things do ;). From Saving Hives and Relocating them to teaching the community and partnering with small businesses, the question we are constantly asking ourselves is "What MORE can we give?". Is it enough to have 100% of our goals aimed towards saving bees and teaching people about eating and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle? ... Maybe for some. 

Not us. We are constantly looking for ways to reach out and help build not only a bee-loving community but a community that supports ALL local famers, growers, and sellers!  

The Great Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandi is famously quoted as saying "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

Call us old fashion. Call us religious Either would be right. But we will leave no lack of evidence allowing anyone to accuse us of not trying. Join our cause and you can be the change too.  Sign-Up below to join our community and bring food back HOME where it belongs! While you're at it Follow Us on Instagram @hawsbeeshoney

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