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Haw Talks Health Episode 005- Lets Talk Spike Protein and Chest Colds

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This week Emma have some stuff come up and we had to put off Part 2 of Natural Birth (but it 's coming eventually!!) we bite the bullet and share what people have been asking us questions about all winter. Why the heck do we keep getting so sick and what would the Haws Family do if they were us??? (Ok maybe not in those exact words, but you're asking). We talk Spike Protein- How to Detox it but FIRST we talk about the V that shall not be named and both Dr Mercola and Dr Brownstein's early intervention Covid Protocol and how we use it for anytime we have a respiratory virus and why it works.

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That's ok! Just download it for later and check out our show notes below:

Show notes:

The very first thing I want to share in the show notes is this blog. They share some amazing info on their website and I highly recommend subscribing:

To start the podcast we shared a disclaimer that we are sharing things from medical professionals and our personal experience and this is not our medical advice to you. We expect you to use your resources (mostly referring to your God given Brain) to apply what you will.

We are trying really hard not to get censored here and although we don’t have a huge audience we do expect to some day and don’t want one of our first podcasts to get us in trouble.

This does not mean however that we are afraid to share details. We just want to share quotes, information and personal experience. If that gets us in trouble then I guess trouble was inevitable- which I kinda feel like it is.

Again this isn’t out of fear to get canceled and what we will loose its about a balance so that we can still reach people. Because we want to conform enough to be able to reach people.

Speaking of this point please go on our website and subscribe to our news letter! This is the best most direct way to have a link with us. We don’t use it often right now- it’s mostly a resource to give people a way we can reach out if ever there is a time when we loose contact in other forms.

So today we are going to talk about the vid protocol we use and also talk about some ways to detox from the spike protein.

Here is a good breakdown of the Dr. Mercola Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol that we use:

I also mentioned I would link their Covid resource page:

And the things we use and recommend for the protocol:

(some of these are affiliate links so we earn a small commission on sales but it doesn't change the price for you <3).

1) Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. Below is the exact one we use and if we used a different dilution than 3% our recipe would have to be changed so the ratios are correct.

Here is an image snagged from the link above of the ratios (all credit to Deep Roots At Home)

If Trent did the math correctly he just told me he put 3 1/4 teaspoons of Peroxide into the pint of solution which is an easy way to make a full pint batch at once- it lasts 3 months in the fridge- just make sure you don't use a metal lid or it will react. We use a glass mason jar with a plastic lid.

2) Lugol's Iodine 2% (We buy organic the exact one below and put 2 drops directly into the nebulizer reservoir just before use. It lasts a while and is so great to have on hand, but makes the solution have a 'pool water' smell. Deep Roots At Home mentions that of course this should be done with a Drs. consultation.)

3) A Tabletop Jet Nebulizer (we talk in the blog about why you don't want a battery powered one) You don't have to have the exact one we have what I would suggest doing is clicking this link and seeing if you can find one that is delivered PRIME if someone is already sick and get the cheapest similar one if you don't mind waiting. Just make sure that it comes with applicable masks (kid masks if you have a kid, as well as adult masks). This is the one we have been recommending to family but they're all pretty similar quality if you find one a lot cheaper just make sure its a tabletop jet nebulizer and that it will have the mask attachments you need.

4) Here is the RSV Saline I mentioned I have on hand in my medicine cabinet in case of emergency (but remember 1 tsp salt for 1 pint filtered or distilled water as long as its non-iodized salt like Redmonds, Pink Himalayan etc...will give you a good and easy, homemade .9% dilution about the same as the fluids in your body)

Here is the Pulse Oxometer I would recommend, I also use the one on my Apple Watch but for the kids this is easier because it clips on their finger (or toe for Sage). You can get a cheaper one for like $19 on Amazon and we have one of those cheaper ones too but its just a little cheaper and would probably break if it broke on tile or hard floor or if a kid plays with it.

We went on to talk about what spike protein is.

What is the Sars-Cov-2 spike protein?

Summary of what we explained:

Spike protein or peplomer protein is protein spikes the protrude from the virion- (one individual glob of virus- it’s molecular structure, because viruses don’t have cells-that’s why they need us right?) that help it latch on and attack our bodies cells. They are the ‘lock pickers’ of the virus that binds them and injects their genetic material into our cells to replicate.

Your body also create spike proteins

We then talked about a few simple ways to detox from the spike protein

In order to understand that we need to understand the function of the spleen: here is a resource for that (we do not cover this)

We talk Canabodial affect on spike protein. Which is, as most things relating to this topic, super impressive.

We talk about how spike proteins are also produced by your own body after getting the Covid-19 vaccine, and they act the same as those protruding from the virus. in that they are able to fuse to cell membranes.We talk about what this means and what it translates to as far as affects on your body.

Ok, one last thing- can you leave me a comment or send me a line on IG DM's letting me know if you like the picture links to Amazon that I did this time. Does that help at all?

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