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My Favorite Baby and Toddler Gear:

If you know me personally you know one of my favorite things is to geek out on the coolest baby gear and recommend it to anyone I know.

So with all the times I have basically written this blog post in someones DM's or text's I figured I should finally just write it in blog form this time.

Questions about baby gear are probably my second most asked question, just under "Where do you sell your honey?" Which I detail in THIS BLOG POST.

(AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some links are affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission if you buy from my link, at no additional cost to you. A lot of people ask which ones specifically because they want to make sure they buy from my link if I get a commission and that is so sweet. I'll mark any ones that are affiliate with an asterisk.

Also, note that Amazon prices vary a lot so when you click on the link of what I post it may not be the same price as it was when I posted so be sure to look around at other amazon sellers or even other sites to find the best price).

I have divided the items into the following sections and all of these are my own opinions. If there is not a specific item listed you want to ask my opinion on you can leave a comment or DM me on MY INSTAGRAM. I either forgot it on the list or more likely I didn't feel super strongly about any specific brand of item under that category. This is not comprehensive just a bunch of stuff that I LOVE and LOVE to share about!

Lastly if you're looking for afterbirth mama favorites you can check out the blog post I did about this on SAGE'S BIRTH STORY BLOG.

Here is a list of the categories so you can scroll to a specific section if you just want to look for one thing specifically:

Part 1




Part 2 **Coming Soon**




TRAVEL (my fav to share because ANYTHING to make traveling with baby/toddlers easier).



Fawn design bag. Before I had Sage I reached out to my instagram followers and asked what the best diaper bag was that didn't make me feel like I was carrying around a diaper bag. This was the number one suggestion. I have THIS LARGE ONE and THIS MINI ONE. I definitely needed the big one during the burp, wrap, 3 millions diapers, wipes, creams, extra clothes, nursing covers, blankets phase. But now I mostly just use the smaller one unless we are traveling.


My babies both loved being held and would cry if I set them down. Having a wrap was a lifesaver. I have tried TONS of kinds. My favorites are: the Moby wrap and the Behold Baby Wrap which is a locally owned company who just updated their material and it is seriously the best combination of sturdy and light weight. If they had this material before I would probably just have that one. If you don't live in the flaming hot desert though the Moby is a great option especially if your baby is born in winter.


Trent often felt helpless in the newborns stage with Brighten and always talked about how he wished he could do more and feel more involved. With Sage I got him this DAD SHIRT. He and Sage went Viral with it on IG getting over 2.5 Million views. We got like enough points to get their entire inventory in free stuff with all the people who used my referral code... But I didn't realize it expires... so that's sad haha. The Dad Shirt can be worn till baby is 15lbs which seems like a short life span for the price but for how much it saved my back and involved Trent it was worth it for us. Also, Sage didn't weigh 15lbs until she was 6 months old so it has about the same lifespan as the swings and bassinets and stuff like that. GET 20% OFF WITH MY REFERRAL LINK . Seriously love this and so did Trent. It was one of Trent's favorite things gift-away items a few years back for our IG Christmas time giveaways.



I love the ANTILOP from IKEA. Yes the legs poke out a little but this is the perfect small home, minimalist highchair. No frills. I swear I got mine for only $26 at Ikea now they're $29 - still not bad at all. The best advice I got before Brighty was born was 1) my sister telling when I go to the store to park as close as I can to a cart coral not the door. and 2) My friend Avi telling me about this highchair. I also love that it's not super tall so it is actual the same height as our table! Bonus for Moms of multiples they stack! So you can store them away after meal time!

Dish-ware and Cutlery:

You probably know by now that we don't do plastic. But we also try to stay away from silicone. It can be made with a lot of the same petroleum byproducts as plastic and I not a fan of 'totally harmless until proven guilty' I prefer 'lets just be safe if we can find a reasonably convenient alternatice' And you totally can! Silicone is also a lot more porous than stainless steal so stainless is so much easier to keep sanitary. We us: Stainless Straw Cups, Plates, Bowls, and Coconut Bowls and Coconut Wood Forks and Spoons

Stainless Steel 'Sippy Cups':

I use to have a smoothie water bottle for Brighten and a water - water bottle but too often they got switched or lost (and a moldy smoothie found in the car a month later). We recently got the girls a designated Smoothie Cup. Only for their morning Smoothies or fresh pressed juice and it has been working out great. (And so many less dishes!)

Here are the combo we use:

20 oz Stanley Tumbler for Smoothies and Juice and Kids Hydroflask Water Bottles for water (both my kids transitioned straight from nursing to drinking from this water bottle).

Manual Breast Pump:

I tried pumping with Brighten and I hated it. I tried this hand pump with Sage that a friend recommended and I got more out in 5 min than I got in 45 min with the machine. I only pumped a handful of times but I much preferred this one over any electric. I only used it to make “boobie pops” which I froze in some fancy brand tray that was pretty underwhelming and over priced . You can find stuff like it on Amazon.