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One of the Most Frequently Asked Questions we get is WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR HONEY!?

Here is a list of places that sell HAWS BEES Honey and other HAWS BEES Products:

Inspire Farms (Downtown Mesa)

Main Street Harvest (Downtown Mesa)

HAWS BEES Local Pick-up (Downtown Mesa)

Old Brick House (Downtown Mesa)

Reconnect Mind Body (North Mesa)

Spa Minx (North Mesa)

Studio 223 (Downtown Gilbert)

Shoppers Supply (Apache Junction)

Merchant Square (Chandler)

NOTE: Each Locations Carries Different Products and Different Sizes. These are all local stores and because of that they each have unique hours. For their hours I suggest visiting their respective instagram pages.

Looking for a specific product?

(The following is a list of what we supply and may not reflect what a specifics store currently has in stock).

Large Honey: Main Street Harvest, Inspire Farms, HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

Medium Honey: Inspire Farms, Main Street Harvest, HAWS BEES Local Pick-up, Shipping by E.L.I., Intentional Foods, Reconnect Mind Body, Spa Minx, Shoppers Supply, Merchant Square

Small Honey: All Locations

CBD Rub: Main Street Harvest, Reconnect Mind Body, HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

Menthol CBD Rub: HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

CBD Oil: Reconnect Mind Body, HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

Pollen: Reconnect Mind Body, HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

Moringa Powder: Reconnect Mind Body, HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

Wax: HAWS BEES Local Pick-up

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