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Due to this I focus on the quality of what I write rather than repeating key words that make it more "findable" on search engines. If you found this article helpful please pass it on to a freind or loved one who may benefit from the info but wouldn't otherwise see it.

AFILLIATE DISCLAIMER: Some of the links included are affilate links and I earn a percentage of sales. You can see my full disclaimer HERE. I only promote products that I support personally and I ask myself "Would I support this even without making anything?" Honestly the answer often is that I have promoted their products long before I ever got paid to so it's always an easy yes. If it's not an easy yes I don't affilaite with them and may share occasionally.

Among other impactful vitamins like Iron and Magneseum these are in the TOP of the most deficent vitamins in children in the US (heads up they're actualy in the very top for adults too).

With so many people bagging on Vegans lately let me come to their defense just for a sec...

There is a BIG movement saying Vegans are extremely deficient in all three of these vital micronutrients... this leads people to draw the assumption that if they are NOT vegan they are SAFE.

...but what people dont realize is that their carnivorous counterparts (aka the rest of the US) are ALSO EXTREMELY DEFICIENT!

So don't think youre safe just because you eat a lot of meat in your house!

Quality over quantity is something I think will come into more and more light over the next several years. Especially when it comes to the nutrient content of food.

Local and homegrown foods have on average 10x the amount of nutrients of conventionally grown mass produced 'fresh' produce!

Anyway here is MY breakdown of the TOP 3 Vitamins your Kids need to keep from getting grouchy and how to get them from QUALITY sources:

I have researched these out personally for my own family to find THE BEST sources and I am happy to pass along the info! If you have any questions about why i chose a certain brand or product (especially if you saw it by another source cheaper PLEASE ask me in the comments. There is likely a very good reason the soruces im linking are more expensive and I can help you decipher if the cost cut is worth it! And if it's cheaper but great quality awesome! I'll add it to my list!)


I was SHOCKED when at 3 years old Brightens Dr called me and said "We need to go over other labs but before we even meet put her on the D3 suppliment i gave you ASAP. Her levels are dangerously low!

We were healthier than anyone I know! She ate only organic, hardly any oil at all, all her snacks were homemade and she ate Bison and Turkey and Wild Caught Salmon along with tons and tons of organic and home grown vegetables constantly!

She also spent TONS of time outside. At least an hour per day at this time of year.

The DR explained that Brighten needed a suppliment because the sun just isn't enough with the polution blocking Vit D absorption these days in the city in which we live and that plus her allergy to Beef, Chicken and Eggs she was not either getting or absorbing enough. She said she may also have an absorption issue due to her other allergy/food sensitivity probelms which we also addressed that year. (Another thing to think about with your own kids and lots of things can cause malabsorption).

Our Dr sold at her office an oil based D3 drop that Brighten takes with extremely high levels of vitamin D3.

If youre interested in our Dr or her Vitamin line its Dr Cindy Schneider at Center for Autism Reseach and Education in Phoenix AZ. She has families travel from all over come to see her but we are lucky enough to live close by! She specializes in Autsim and the families of those with Autism and the associated health issues.

Food Based Source:

Another Sign of low D3 levels can be cavities. This usually also means they are deficient in Vit K as well which is why my GO TO for a food based source is RAW LOCAL Goats Milk.

Goats milk is hypoallergenic where cows milk is allergenic so I love that it can help heal the gut, provide Vit D and Vit K AS LONG AS the goats are being fed the nutrients THEY need.

The person we buy ours from has these ingenious troughs of high quality minerals that goats need and the goats instictivly go and munch on whatever one they need.

I know, unless you're raising goats yourself, you're not likely to find such a quality source without some major searching.

So here are my recommended

Suppliment Based Sources:

CHILD: (drops) C.A.R.E. in PHX AZ

ADULTS: (pill) Supergreens +D

I recommed this pill because its all natually sources organic from mushrooms. Mushrooms absorb Vit D from the sun just like us and it is a known digestable source for our body.

Most naturally sourced Vit D suppliments are derived from Sheeps Wool and I just can't come to terms with the idea that is very easily absorbed by your body!



I've talked a lot about B12 in the past. Specifically about the residual cyanide after conversion when are not taking methlyated B12 . SEE A QUICK OVERVIEW HERE

Eggs and dairy are great food sources unfortuantly my kids are allergic to both so a suppliment is a safe call for us although i don't typically reach right for a suppliement B12 deficiencies can not only cause mood swings but permanant neurological damage! So we dont mess around with that here.

As a side not i'm going to have my levels checked and see if I need to start on a B12 shot in case my absorption is the issue so just a heasd up if youre taking pills it doesnt always mean your body can absorbe them that way, even high quality options. Gene mutations and gut leakage are 2 main reasons I see.

Ivs and other injections might seems scary or medical but can help a lot to get you over that hump in healing your gut! Something I wish I had considered this more when Brighten had all her gut issues.

Besides my strong opinions on a methly vs. cyano- compound I really like organic sources...

Garden of Life brand has essentailly the same spray that I suggest below and may be easier to find at a sprouts or the like. We use to use a lot and still do for some things but I'm still mad at them for selling out to Neslté (BARF EMOJI) so it's gonna take me some time to suggest them again without being mad and skeptical.

I don't love the Natural Flavoring, Don't love the citric Acid, don't love then glycerine. But my kids can't swallow pills so it is what we are using for now. If you're super concerned about these things then I would say go with the adult option I suggest below and get a pill crusher and then put it in/on something. I just know my limitis and with all the other things I'm able to do this is just a compromise we make. But I wanted to be fully transparent about it

Adult: (Pill or Capsule) MegaFood Methly-B12

I don't feel super commited to these but theyre are the best I can find right now and it is what I have been using for years. Also contains the plant form of folate so thats a bonus especailly if you have the MTHFR gene mutation.

I just don't like big pills. I wish they were smaller but he quality is better than most so i guees i cant complain too much.

Honestly I often times find myself reaching for the kids spray just for the ease of it.


I talked a lot about this in my recent Instagram Post a few days ago. Where I talked about my preference to get Omega-3 from food sources (Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, Sardines and if all else fails then Altantic Krill Oil or Fermented Skate Liver Oil)

And apparently some people don't like fish haha.

While these are the most easily absorbed by your body and other non--fish sources of Omega-3 can contain excess Omega-6 at the same time (lets not get into all that now and save it for another day).

Also to save for another Plant based Omega conversion to Omega-3 usable by the body vs. Fish Based.

Here is the ONLY Plant based options I recommend for those allergic to fish or who can't tollerate it for other reasons.


Fish- Free

Here are my other top options:

Both of these are ferminted forms so they're EVEN STRONGER than regular fish oils but the quality can't be beat and part of that is due to it being fermented. If you and your kids can handle it get these:

Kids: (Oil) Feremented Cod Liver Oil (add to smoothie or juice)

WARNING IT IS STRONG. BUT the fermentation preserves the nutrients vs. heating it. I suggest adding it to a smoothie in SMALL amounts. It includes a syringe for measuring. If we are in a rush she will usually take it in oragne juice with a little coxing and reminding that it's going to help prevent her from having cavities (back to vit that prevent cavities again... interesting)

(Gel Pill) I suggest keeping these in the freezer. This is a trick i learned from my cousins to avoid the fishy burps.

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