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Haws Talks Health- Episode 008 Being Sick is your OWN Fault. 5 minute Rants with Alyssa

Being sick might not technically always be your own FAULT but in any case it is your own RESPONSIBILITY.

Join me for a new mini-series of 5 minute rants of different health related topics! Listen here

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Show notes:

Mental game strong: don’t give your power up. If you are around someone else who is sick it DOESN’T mean you’ll get sick. People who assume they will get sick are more likely to get sick! Take he control back with this affirmation: my immune system is strong, I am exposed to a lot and I stay well. Getting sick every time you are around someone who is sick is not inevitable and just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean it’s what you’re body should be doing. This is a warning- not to avoid other people but to fix your immune system! You fight off bacteria and virus all the time. Just think. There are hundreds of people you pass everyday and you have no idea what kind of bacteria and virus they are hosting. You expose yourself all day to these other people but you have one interaction with a friend or extended family member in passing for 5 minutes and whether you get sick that night or 5 days later you’re just sure you caught it from them and that THEY are the problem and they need to stay away. I see it all the time. This ridiculous dynamic within families where there is tension caused by the sickness blame game. The sickness industry has you pitted against each other rather than taking your health as your own responsibility which it is. I don’t understand why people would CHOOSE to see it any other way! You can’t control what you’re exposed to that’s like trying to win a war by telling the opposing army what you think they should do 😂 so stop trying and instead focus on what you CAN control which is your own defenses. There will always be that kid with the drippy nose and then lingering cough and you can’t control that kid- unless that kid is you. You can control how you fuel your body, the thoughts that you entertain and the choices that you do or don’t make in favor of your immune system to make it sickness proof. No matter who you are your health is YOUR responsibility take back the power and stop making weak excuses and blaming others. Yes you’re gonna get sick every now and then. it’s part of life and if you never got sick, then you should be concerned because that means you don’t have any. immune system being sick is your body fighting back of course I don’t think anybody should be getting as sick as they are nowadays as often as they are but getting sick every now and then it’s not mean that you are unhealthy. Your goal is not never getting sick your goal is that when you do eventual get sick your body fights it off FAST and efficiently (lingering viruses of any kind cause much more residual damage than people realize- they shorten your life, make you more prone to autoimmunity, and other more virus specific effects like loss of smell or taste). And yes let me add- your health is still not the responsibility of others if you are immunocompromised whatever your definition of that might be.

I was talking to someone the other day at a market about how she couldn’t hire out cleaning because they didn’t do as good of a job as she would and I was telling her you just have to try to find the best and let the rest go. But then I was thinking later how I’ve heard this same sentiment from several other people and how weird it is that we can’t seem to let go of house cleaning yet we can outsource our health to companies who make money off of us being addicted and sick! Strange world we live in.

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