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No Frills Haws Family Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Here is a list of some gift ideas for your friends and family 'like us' haha by that I mean a little 'healthy' or at least trying to be, but also likes to have fun and thinks they're pretty normal too... besides the allergies and extreme awareness of health.


(No affiliate links included. I wasn't planning on doing this this year but I got enough people asking on IG so I decided I was flattered enough to make a post anyway. It's no frills though. No pictures of us using the products or affiliate likes- although I know we could make a small fortune off of a post like this because of all the GOLDMINE of gifts I've compiled haha... So if I add them later I'll change this little message here to say "Affiliate Links Included". I haven't even decided if I want to add links at all. I know it makes it so much easier but I guess it honestly depends on when Brighten walks out of her room and asks for a snack haha. She happens to be playing alone right now which is rare and what makes this possible at all. Any how, let's get onto the gifts!

“Natural” Christmas Gifts for All Budgets:


-Vitamix (<<love this and use it everyday for everything from our morning smoothies to making mushroom powder and salsa... but not together that's weird)

-AirDoctor AirPurifier (100x better than other air purifiers and 100% amazing because it's so quiet compared to others I've used and I love that it's automated because how am I suppose to know how clean the air is?)

For My Local Friends-Deep House Cleaning from Pixie Dusters Natural Cleaning (Love them and amazing gift for the person who has everything or those who like to gift an 'experience'.)


-Essential Oils Family Starter Pack from Doterra or Young Living (Gotta Start Somewhere- let me know if you need a local rep for either of these companies)

-8 Qt Instant Pot Pressure Cooker (because when you eat that many veggies the 6 quart is never enough haha)

-CostCo Membership (for the 'experience' givers out there)

-Sams Club Membership (We honestly have and use both- diversify your organic options I like to say... nope I don't think I've ever said that.)

-SafeSleeve Brand EMF blocking phone cases, iPad cases and Laptop cases (We love this brand and if you don't know what EMF is then Google! ...or probably DuckDuckGo...

-Weighted Blanket (Great for anxiety, migraines, kids who get nightmares or have sensory issues, or just people who like a little extra pressure to feel safe and comfortable).

-USA Made Chinese Chemical-Free Wax Sealed Haws Bees Nativity :)


-Essential Oils Diffuser (Look up a cute wooden one on Amazon! Or they have great deals on them at TJ Max often- price is usually correlated with the max sq ft range so think about the room they will keep it in- smaller for bedside, bigger for kitchen)

-Minimalist Bakers Everyday Cookbook (I love Minimalist Baker!)

-Love You Body Feed Your Soul by Summer Sanders (This is the owner of my favorite Juicery in flagstaff and it's a cookbook and guide with lots of really great info for transforming your health)

-The Granola Bar Pan from @granolabarpan (I just met this sweet gal a few weeks ago when she bought honey from us! She also has amazing healthier recipes on her IG account so make sure when you buy the pan they also follow her for tips and ideas!)

-Um... A Jar of Haws Bees Beautifully Raw Honey (or 2 because you know you always forget someone important and if you didn't then YUM!)

-We Love Hydro Flask because they stay super cold but :( made in China so if you don’t live in the desert we actually recommend>>

-Lifefactory (last I checked all made in USA) they are glass water bottles and we LOVE them and I used them all growing up and never saw one break! (We even used their baby bottles for Brighten and she threw them in the car and still didn't break! They also have a straw lid option which I am all about).

-Indoor Mushroom Growing kit (Full-disclosure Oysters are a good starting place and grow easily so you will see tons of kits for them but have a strong flavor)

-A Snake Plant (Natures Air Purifier)


-Hu Chocolates bars, nibs, covered nuts. It's a GF Dairy-free, cane-sugar free chocolate bar (we buy from Sprouts or Whole Foods the label has an H and then a hand in the shape of a U next to it)

-Stainless Steel Straws and Straw Cleaning Brush (we use these with our smoothies every morning :)

-Stainless Steel Sprouting Lids for mason jars (for growing your own sprouted grains/seeds)

-Assorted Nuts and Dried Fruit instead of candy!

-Wool Dryer Balls (Do you know what's in dryer sheets!?!? It's surprising)

-Haws Bees Non-Toxic, All-Natural Paraffin-Free 100% Beeswax Birthday Candles (Try to find birthday candles that are 100% wax made in the USA anywhere else- I dare you. Hahah. Ok that was a little aggressive but I'm pretty proud of this product because WE couldn't find it for us anywhere else!).

Pregnant Friends:

-Essential Oils for Pregnancy Birth and Babies Stephanie Fritz (book)

-Love Your Labour Birth and Labor Prep Class (link in my IG Bio) It comes with a price tag for sure but it is a TRANSFORMATIONAL class and totally worth it. Truly amazing. Corinne Brown the ND and Doula who teaches it turned Trents thinking of Birth entirely around, so if the person you are buying for is interested in Natural Birth this is the gift for them! I would add especially if they have outside family/friends/people close to them trying to pressure and scare them into thinking Natural Birth is Dangerous or not worth it!

-Spiritual Midwifery By Ina May Gaskin (book) (I read this the week before Brighten was born and I KNOW it changed me labor. I was so relaxed and loved the whole experience!)

For my Local Friends- A Home Visit from ChiroToYou Prenatal Chiropractor and Acupuncturist! (She helped so much with my nausea as well as pregnancy AND non-pregnancy related joint pain).

Friends with Babies:

-Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeper

-Honest Brand Diapers and Wipes

-Plumb and Sparrow Handmade Moses basket (Fits Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeper too!)

-Wellements Organic Gripe Water

-Lifefactory brand glass bottles (Disclaimer- I didn't bottle feed formula so if you are doing formula long-term there is probably a better bottle out there for anti-burp but if your plan is to breastfeed exclusively and use this for pumping when your baby is older like we did mostly on long car trips then I highly recommend).

-Wooden Toys Sealed with Beeswax

-All-Natural Rubber Toys (made in USA or Europe)

-Sopie La Giraffe (all-natural Rubber toy)

Friends with Kids:

-Disease Proof your Child by Joel Fuhrman

-Stainless steel plates, bowls, and cups

-SmartSweets (instead of traditional candy we get from Whole Foods or Amazon)

-Honey straws (instead of candy)

-Kidlicks (instead of traditional fingernail polish from @kidlicksofficial)

-Simple Mills Cookies (instead of Chips Ahoy- we buy from sprouts, and for a while they had some at Costco)

-Wooden Pikler Triangle and or Slide/Climber and Other Accessories (Keep Those Kids Active and Creative. I love that you can constantly switch up what you do with it and how you use it it keeps kids thinking about creative ways to play and they never get bored! Win-win).

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