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Haws Talks Health Show Notes Episode 2: Setting Wellness Intentions

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

5- Easy Ways to Actually Achieve Your Goals

In this episode we will discuss 5 ways to achieve those Wellness Goals you've Set for the Year. Practical Experience from a pro-goal setter and keeper. ;)


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002 Wellness Intentions: Our New Years Resolution and 5 Tips to set Health Related Resolutions That Will Stick From Our Own Experience

1. Don’t set goals you’re not gonna keep- not because they’re physically impossible but because even if they are physically possible you haven’t learned how to set and stick to a goal yet so don’t say it if you’re not gonna do it. Goals are goals not wishes

2. Find someone who will hold you to your word. Now days not everyone will. And some people will in some categories and won’t in others find someone who will support and hold you to your goal in that Category- it might be better if it’s not someone super close to you! Find your sponsor

3. The more frictionless the more likely it is to happen. In …book it talks about frictionless. As a business owner I know that friction impedes sales. Credit cards are always worth the charge. Recommend Book The Power of Habit (affiliate link). LINK TO HABITS

4. Go for what you REALLY WANT and what will really improve your life not what you think you should want or what someone else wants for you. (This seems straight forward but it’s not). Take time to look inside and see what you REALLY want in your life and if your religious look to a higher power.

5. Follow up with yourself, others and your higher power (group chat) and as many people as you can!

Here are the BOOKS mentioned in the Podcast:

Click Here For The Power of Habit

and Here For The Compound Effect

What helps you stick to your goals? Leave a comment below!

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