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Haws Talks Health Show Notes Episode 009: Where We Are Now

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Shownotes: (scroll down to find a link to the podcast or listen to it here on our website).

We jumped around a lot in this podcast. It was fun and played back and I gave you a lot of personal insight into exciting topics like our family planning, (yes, our plans for baby number 3), my skincare as I keep going strong in my 30's and tidbits about my book that is currently in the beginning stages.

I start off talking about how we have been to quote it exactly"using the crap out of the citrus in our neighborhood"

We discuss the value of knowing where your food comes from and how proud I am with our raw local honey and what we provide to the community.

We discuss Maple syrup. Here is the WEBSITE for the family that we buy maple syrup from. You just have to promise not to buy it all, haha, because they do run out each year.

We discuss Olive oil and my olive trees and my new found obsession with convincing Trent to buy an Olive Press.

We discuss blueberries, organic produce, and eating things locally in their season.

Then we chat about Costco, big warehouse stores and the America dream,

Small farms, and people who care, growing your own food and the health benefits of that.

I remind everyone the focus of what we share is on maximizing your health and not doubting it or living in constant fear or anxiety of hurting it which can be a fine line.

I share my troubles with finding a couch (I will probably end up just have to have one customer reupholstered).

I then shared the exciting news about wanting to get pregnant soon and my hesitations but conviction for sharing on the topic to help others so they don't feel alone like I did with my first pregnancy and no one around me with similar views on the topic..

I touched on my Ice baths and how you can follow along with that on MY INSTAGRAM

I share that I want to start learning about skincare and being 31 Turing 32 now how I need to keep my microbiome strong and collagen up so I can look this amazing forever (ok I'm paraphrasing now).

I talked about how I have Been Using Crude at a followers recommendation a few years ago and I am still in love. I talk about why and I share THIS PRODUCT that I use and love and provide my affiliate link: Alyssa20 that you can use on any products on their website EVEN stacked with he subscription discount!

Hope you enjoy!


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Thank you in advance!

The Haws Family

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