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Haws Talks Health- Episode 007 : Can You Really Heal A Cavity?

This podcast relies heavily on information from the book Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities With Nutrition By Ramiel Nagel and although I don't agree with everything that he shares as far as his exact interpretation of the studies and the phyto-chemical affects and responses of the body to them that he brings up. BUT it is an amazing starting point and I learned a lot and would not have been able to start out on my tooth healing journey without this book!

Because there are so many references in this podcast I will just refer you to his book and you can look at the over 8 pages of end notes because writing them here and re-organizing them to the order we bring them up in this episode would be impossible.



I give a short introduction to my tooth healing journey and experience. Explain how I was able to withstand a painful tooth that was infected while on a remote island without access to dentistry I felt safe using, by using the essential oil Oregano and how it likely saved my life.

I talk about my inspiration for this journey and this podcast- my daughter who cried and told me she didn't want to go to the dentist when we found a small cavity on her tooth (spoiler: now almost completely healed). I had an intuitive feeling that if you can remineralize your bones why not your teeth!? So I got to researching!

Cavities are a gift and a message and sign from your body to you saying HEY I'M NOT GETTING WHAT I NEED TO THRIVE! So change is something that should be long term for the overall health of your body and drilling and filling won't really address the issue of overall deficiencies and problems.

First lets talk about what Cavities really are. To do that we need to look into the history of dentistry.

we discuss:

-The history of the ADA and the accepted Bacteria Shaming theory for how cavities are developed.

-Alternative Oral 'decay' Theories that have been supported through Science and why tooth decay isn't really decay (30)

-Modern Dentistry: The 'Extentions for prevention' and 'drill, fill, bill' philosophies of Modern dentistry. The dental code of silence (139)

-The history of fillings and the materials used over time: Gold, Silver/Mercury and Composite (Glass and Plastic)

- we expose mercury for what it is (130) (end of page 129 story of Dr Olympio Pinto) (128- mercury)

-A specific emphasis on Amalgam or Silver fillings that are over 50% mercury and the toxic leaching, placement, safest removal, and properties of this toxic metal (hint: Mercury is toxic and needs to be removed SAFELY)

-and talk about the affects of filling material (132-134) and how to find a good one (135)

-we talk about the Shocking story of the founder of the idea of root canals and what he thinks about them now (139) and the mistake of the root canal (138)

-the relationship between root canals and risk of cancer and reference to the Chris Beat Cancer Class

-we discuss the question "So, should I have my root canal removed??" (142) and encourage you to try an inner dialogue with your tooth

-We guide you through Tooth Infections and what certain symptoms can be signs of (143 and 148)

- We give 7 tips for overcoming tooth PAIN (159)

-we briefly go over discoloration and what is in toothpaste (159 and 161)

Here is the TOOTH POWDER RECIPE that I promised to share: (164)

3 parts oak bark

6 parts comfrey root

3 parts horsetail grass

1 part lobelia

1 part clove

3 parts pepermint

(The author also suggests putting this on areas of the gum that need healed and gives the comment that using these over a long period of time can cause discoloration that CAN be removed. Keep in mind I have not tried this but if you follow me on instagram @hawsbeeshoney I will post about it when I do try it!)

- We touched on flossing and what it does to and for our teeth and the things you should be careful of when flossing daily.

-we talk about why your teeth are crooked/rotton and how it has more to do with nutrition than genetics! (pg 20 its not genes!) (171) and why its important to have straight teeth (176)

-we even discuss the association between crooked teeth, nostril size and mouth breathing (18) and we will continue on later when talking about helping out child

-why phosphorus and calcium really count (28)

-what this activator x is in the study and how to get it (39)

-We list some of Ramiel Nagel's nutritional informational and suggestions and look at the foods he suggests vs. discourages when eating

Sharing my Protocol: (disclaimer. I am not suggesting or intending for others to take any advice from me on this subject I am simply sharing MY EXPERIENCE and journey and encourage you to use your best judgment, help of professionals when needed and keeping in mind your own personal abilities and propensities as well as your personal dietary needs.)

Alyssa's Cavity Healing Protocol: (if you have not listened to the podcast please do before you copy past this exact routine to get more insight and ideas)

16oz of water or warm water with lemon or lime

Oil Pulling with 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil for 10 minutes (Ayurvedic Practice)

1500 mg Cod Liver Oil (I use this brand of Fermented Cod Liver Oil because the quality is preserved since it is not heated. You can get the capsules too. I just get the liquid because Brighten takes it too and she can't take pills. This brand also tests for heavy metals if you're worried about Mercury like me!)

1000 mg Skate Liver Oil ( I use this one) (doses on this pg 43)

Avoiding for a bit:

all refined flours (even Gluten-free)

-processed sugars, high sugar fruits ( dates, oranges, bananas, peaches, grapes, blueberries) (for Brighten try instead black- and raspberries, kiwi or green apple) (the real reason sugar causes cavities 52-53)

- avoid fake sugars too (54)

-eat fruit and use honey once healed (55)

-Quality Protein

Avoid grains until I can ensure my Vitamin D, C, A and Calcium levels are restored.

-Be aware of phytic acid intake and the affect on mineral depletion vs. absorption but no need to be 'scared' of nutritious plant foods

(this is where I differ from the author quite a bit on my interpretation of data both scientific and anecdotal)

-Don't buy store bought nut milk homemade is best (or dairy if you drink dairy should always be 100% raw, local and fresh from a source you trust)

-Use Olive oil and Coconut oil. Avoid consuming seed oils and foods cooked in unknown oils (87- the dirty truth about canola oil)

-Eat daily : Broccoli, Cauliflower, bell peppers, mustard greens, cabbage, sauerkraut (high in Vitamin C)

-Bone Broth and Marrow that you can trust (keep in my risks of led stored in bones, which we discuss)

-Salmon 1-2x per week

Add foods with trace minerals: (84) and why it's better from real food and not supplements

Iron: Sun Dried Tomatoes

Folate: Asparagus, Spinach

Manganese: Nuts, Sweet Potato

Iodine: Seaweed

Preventions ideas for future:

- desert after lunch instead of dinner

We went on to talk about:

The one good meal approach

Grains and anti-nutrients that the author is concerned about (118)

We touch on Gum Disease and recession and how blotting and water flossing can help. (124)

and even how to cure Gum disease (126)

Can eating organic cure/prevent cavities? (87)

coffee does more than discolor (89)

the truth about drugs (and im not just talking about street drugs) (90)

I mention quickly those with thyroid issues and diabetese and their added propensity for cavities (9,31 )

cure cavities in 3 easy steps: (93)

try jaw alignments (175)

How to find a good dentist: (135).

We brainstorm resources for those looking for bone broth, marrow, raw milk etc. (40,42)

Lastly we cover some supplemental reading/resources that I am leaving links to below as promised: (129)

This PODCAST from Christ Wark and his interview this Holistic Dentist Dr. Kelly Blodgett that was released during the time I started research for this podcast. What can I say great minds think alike ;).

THIS BOOK that lead our discussion today.

THIS COOKBOOK Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon about fermentation and preparing foods.

The Weston A Price Foundation - offers support for finding farm-fresh foods

The Following Books:

Whole Body Dentistry by dentist Mark Breiner

Uniformed content by dentist Hal Huggins

The Key to Ultimate Health by Ellen Brown and dentist Richard Hansen

It's all in your Head; the link between mercury amalgams and illness by Dr Hal Huggins

Are your Dental Fillings Poisoning You? by dentist Guy Fasciana (published 1986)

Dental Infections by Weston Price

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