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Grandma's Cinnamon Muffins

First of all if you see this and it has no pictures it's because my family has been begging me for this recipe and I haven't had time to recipe test, finalize AND take photos yet... without Trent, Brighty and I eating them all first.

This is a family recipe, and has so many memories for me. Creating my version was definitely a balance between adding in nutrients and cutting out allergens while staying true to the flavors that bring me back to rolling them in Cinnamon-Sugar in my Grandma Sandy's yellow kitchen in Population 630, Arizona.

Small tweaks to add more nutrient dense food add up though.

When I first looked at the original recipe I thought "Oh boy, the only ingredients I even OWN in this are the spices, haha"

The OG recipe included: Sugar (twice), Milk, Eggs, 2x the Salt, Refined White Flour, butter and Shortening.

I adapted, tested, adapted again... There were just somethings that it couldn't do without- shortening was one of them. We don't ever have or use shortening in our house. I feel like it's a generational thing more than to do with health, honestly. I used Nutiva (love this brand) Non-Hydrogenated Organic Red Palm Shortening. I was happy with this trade off.

When Trent tried my first adaptation, which was ultimately pretty close to my final recipe, he said it reminded him of something his grandmother makes called Blueberry Buckle. Anytime someone mentions it I can hear her say in my head "It sticks to your ribs", haha. Putting a few frozen blueberries on top of these before putting them in the oven would definitely make a great adaptation of Blueberry Buckle. It would also help regulate your bodies insulin release response to all that sugar in the muffins (albeit natural), I highly recommend this if you are planning to eat them after a period of fasting such as in the morning for breakfast.

Here is the Ingredient List:

-Organic Red Palm Shortening (We use THIS ONE)

-Raw Honey (We use SUMMER BLEND)

-Fresh Eggs (Eggs come from Chickens, not the store! ;)

-GF Flour (This is the one I used for this recipe and I recommend it for this. I know a lot fo the time I use a homemade blend and that is cheaper and a lot more nutrient dense but for this recipe it needs to be a lighter texture. If you don't use this blend anything with Corn, Rice, Potato starch or Rice Flour will work well. If you're looking for a healthier option probably don't make these haha. I'll link another muffin you might like HERE).

-Spices and Baking ingredients (Salt, Nutmeg, Aluminum-Free Baking Powder, Cinnamon)

-Organic Almond Milk

-Organic Earth Balance DF Buttery Spread

-Organic Maple Sugar (If you haven't had this yet you will LOVE it!)

Sandy's Cinnamon Muffins:

Try it! When you do tag me on IG @hawsbeeshoney :) <3 ENJOY!

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Emily Raney
Emily Raney
Mar 13, 2022

About how many do you think this makes? I wanna know if I should double it and maybe stick some in the freezer for later. :). If we don't eat them all.


Had some today for Valentines Day. Absolutely delicious!

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