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Brighty's HEALTHY PB Chocolate Milkshake

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

A lot of people who buy our honey and have allergies have been asking me how they can get a spoonful of raw honey in their diet everyday. I would always just give them a list of ways, but honestly, until this year I never had an issue with allergies in the desert myself and I didn't know it would be such a task to get that spoonful in! In the beginning I would just get a spoon and eat it that way (not saying this is bad) but after a while I wanted to get more creative and incorporate it into a routine so I don't forget. Because MAN! It really does make a difference!

And now I can say that from personal experience!

If you have been following our family for a while I talk about the smoothie that Brighty drinks when we visit Flagstaff. It's a smoothie my parents make and drink every morning. She has always loved it and is notorious for stealing anyone around her's cup and guzzling the whole thing.

During Christmas-time we spent about a month in Flagstaff (hooray for being self-employed ;). When we got home, in Late January, I figured I may as well get the ingredients to make it ourselves- since I new Brighten loved it and it's pretty dang good for you too.

The original ingredients my parents used are as follows: Raw Organic Meal (It's a specific brand and flavor that I'll link below), raw walnuts, almond milk, spinach, blueberries and ice.

Since Trent and I were making these smoothies every morning it was inevitable that we add our own pizzaz to them (I don't think I've ever said that word in my life but it felt right in the moment haha).

One morning Trent brought us our smoothies and he had added a ton of maple syrup. I like things sweet but the raw meal was already REALLY sweet to me. I told him it tasted more like a chocolate shake than a smoothie.


I went to work making my own Chocolate Shake recipe. First things first, I needed more chocolate! I LOVE dark and bitter chocolates. I had to balance it though because if you didn't know Trent is REALLY picky about bitter foods. (He is going to LOVE that I just told that haha). He calls it "the bitter gene" I call it boring taste buds.

Here is what I came up with:


-1 1/2 Cups Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk (Plain or Vanilla is fine. I prefer plain)

-1 Scoop Raw Organic Meal (Has to be this one)

-1 Scoop Organic Cacao Powder (We LOVE this one)

-1 1/2 TBSP Organic Peanut Butter (We get the unhydrogenated kinda and then pour off the extra oil- this can make it a little hard at the bottom but it's fine for smoothies)

- 1 1/2 TBSP Haws Bees Raw Honey (We are eating the Almond Blossom Honey right now in it and YUM)

-1 Handful of Organic Baby Spinach (a packed cup- I weighed it at one point for you but I figured it's just easier to grab a handful anyway so I never wrote it down!)

-1 Cup Frozen Organic Blueberries (We find the best deal on these with how much we eat is at Costco)


Throw it all in the blender at once and blend it up! ENJOY!


One of the cool things about this recipe is that unlike a lot of my recipes you don't need a high powered blender for this! You can just use any blender. I use and LOVE my Nutri-Bullet for this because I drink it right from the cup and don't have to wash both a blender and a cup.

It seriously tastes like the Peanut Butter Fudge Shakes I loved getting at Sonic as a kid. I don't think they have them anymore but comment and tell me if you know what I'm talking about!

Another tip for free the Raw Organic Meal has some awesome nutritional value especially compared to other powders of it's kind (I'll link the ingredients below). Count it as an investment and put it on auto-ship. With everyone in our house drinking it we go through one every 2 weeks or so and at first that shocked me but I realized the extra "health insurance" was worth it! -Especially for how good it tastes.

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A Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake for Breakfast is the BEST!!!

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