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3-Ingredient Yogurt (So easy!)

Ok get ready for your mind to be blown...

All those people who have been acting like major homesteaders for making their own yogurt have been tricking us into thinking it's hard.

When they say "It's really easy all you do is..." That's when most of us assume it actually is hard and zone out, right? haha.

But I promise it doesn't take a homesteader to do this (shout out to my hardcore homesteaders out there ;)

So to give credit I read lots of blogs and several of my cookbooks too to get some Inspo and ideas. Which I do often when attempting something I've never made before.

Typically just from my prior knowledge and from what I read I can make a pretty successful prototype of what I want.

In this case I pretty much followed exactly THIS RECIPE from minimalist baker as far as the yogurt creation so check that out for more details and trouble shooting she did. She is UH-mazing and is one of the few people I will follow a recipe of word for word without changing it.

The amazing thing is you probably have exactly what you need to make yogurt right now in your cupboard! (This is why I love Minimalist Baker- she seems to always have the same stuff laying around as me haha.)


-1 can of Full Fat Coconut Milk (I get the Organic Thai Brand at Costco in cases)

-2 Capsules of Live Probiotic 50 billion (Yeah, like the ones you keep with your vitamins!)

-Honey to taste



Mix the capsules into the coconut milk and put in a mason jar with a cheese cloth covering (or you can pre-separate it in 4 individual jars like I did). Either way use cheese cloth or maybe a breathable paper towel or something if you don't have cheese cloth. I found an awesome Unbleached, Organic Cotton Cheese Cloth from a brand called "Country Trading Co" on Amazon just by searching "unbleached organic cheese cloth" in the search.

Place it on the shelf, or on your counter out of the way. (Definitely a shelf if you have kids that are anything like Brighten and are yelling "Drink the Cocomilk!!! Please!!!" -as you are putting the cheese cloth on. Let it sit for 2 days (32-48 hrs). (It should not be rotten or have mold so watch for that if you're prone to mold in your house. I don't want anyone getting sick or anything. I don't think mold can grow in 2 days but you never know).

Add Honey to taste and enjoy! I actually prefer this yogurt with crystalized honey. You can definitely stir in liquid honey but I like to get a spoon of crystalized honey and then dip it in the yogurt and eat it off the spoon little by little as I eat the yogurt- if that makes sense. I would try to explain better but my mouth is already watering!! and this batch still has like 40 hours to go.... I also like to add frozen or fresh berries. I'm going to do some Fresh Peaches from Rhiba Farms in this Batch!

You can also store it in the fridge after you culture it for 48 hours. To be honest I don't know how long it will last in the fridge- it's never lasted more than a few hours without getting eaten, once it's done, at our house haha. Let me know if you have any knowledge of this in the comments. Also, haven't experimented with freezing it but I want to so I'll keep you updated on that on IG too!

Also if you're wondering about the little jars in the pictures I got those on Amazon too. haha. Send me a message if you want the link they were like 20 jars for $25 and they're so cute! They have little cork lids. (I'll post a picture with the cute cork lids on IG when this batch is done culturing).

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