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The Prime Blend 100% Raw Honey

The Prime Blend 100% Raw Honey

SKU: 364215376135191

Last Harvest: Late May-June 2022


Next Harvest: Lay May-June 2023


An Allergy-Honey Fan Favorite Since Day One!  (Please see FDA disclaimer notice at the bottom of the page).


The Prime Blend 100% Raw Honey made by Haws Rescue Bees with Zero Sugars added.  Our Honey is always stored in BPA-Free glass jars (never plastic).


Color: Golden, slightly lighter than a pure Orange Blossom honey.


Flavor: Flavor is the most similar to Cane Sugar of all our honeys. Replace white sugar with this honey in crystalized form in Recipes 1:1 with great results.


Pollen Particle Content: Unheard Of.


 Instructions for crystalized honey:

Honey crystalizes naturally overtime and is a sign of quality, pure honey.  To preserve the quality of raw honey we suggest against microwaving honey to soften crystals.  Instead we suggest a bowl filled with warm water to soak the jar in or if you need it in a hurry a double boiler on a low stove setting should keep the temperature low enough to not kill any of the benificial ingredients.

Preserve the naturally impressive shelf life of your honey by protecting the open jar from water. 


  • PRODUCT INFO: Prime Blend

    The Prime Blend is a honey extracted from a blend of floral growth found in the deserts of the Arizona Valley between the late spring and summer seasons- a season of blossoms and allerges galore.  


    See our map on the home page if you're interested in exactly where, geographically, this honey comes from.


    We have a Straightforward Return Policy here so you can buy with confidence.

    We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

    Returns and Exchanges are accepted with receipt within 14 days of purchase.

    No restocking fee is ever charged for returns and responsibility of shipping fees are handled on a case-by-case basis.

    Lastly, just so you know- we have never had anyone complain, probably because we're just that awesome.


    Shipping costs vary. You can use the handy-dandy shipping estimator for an estimation of shipping charges to your destination.  

    We try to be as sustainable as possible and prefer to reduce packaging by selling in person directly to our consumers or bulk buyers!

    If you do choose the shipping option don't be alarmed to see a mixed array of recycled packing material used to protect your purchase. We understand that using a uniform packing material may make us look more 'professional' to some but our customers don't care about that as much as they care about the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)! We love you guys for that! <3 

    If you pefer to avoid shipping costs or would like to help us reduce packaging waste you can use our Purchase Online and Pickup- Checkout Method!

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