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Four things you need if you have Migraines (all on Amazon Prime)

This post contains affiliate links. (So proud of myself for figuring out how to link them for the very first time!)

Oh yes... it is pretty much exactly as sexy as it sounds, but boy does it work! It's like a little ice bath for your head. If you get those super strong nauseating can't think through the pain this one is for you! I LOVE that when I put it on I can put the ice packs in it right over certain pressure points on my head for an even bigger impact. I can even pull it down over my face if I'm feeling it really strong in my sinuses.

Who knows what is in them because it's all in Chinese (slight cringe face because I care a lot about that usually) but they are amazing! I love minty Essential Oils and Icy Hot type rubs but with a toddler and baby I can't be rubbing it on and then touching them or letting them touch me! So this is perfect! They're little sheets of stick-on patches that you can cut to any size and stick wherever you need. Trust me the residue left over after is worth it and not too hard to get off haha. I like putting them on my neck and shoulders and collar bone area as well as my lower jaw.

I LOVE hydro flask . We always buy their brand because they have a lifetime warranty and have been great to us when we return for replacement (aka don't treat us like we're trying to take advantage like that one time I tried to exchange $100 leggings because they pilled like crazy after 2 weeks and they told me it was my own fault for running in them because they're made for yoga and pilates ONLY) HERES A CHEAPER VERSION if you don't think you would use the warranty- it's still stainless steel and will keep ice all day.

Works great at warming tension in shoudlers and neck. Whether that tension caused the headache or happened in response to all the pain you are feeling. Put some HAWS BEES+CBD RUB on and this on top and it's still CRAZY to me how fast I find a bit of relief!

I feel you <3


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