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Crunch Fam Gift Guide

You know that family? Maybe it's a neighbor or a friend or maybe it's your sister and her husband and kids- the ones who use 'weird' soap, always have some sort of 'health contraption' running at their house when you show up and are constantly telling you of the life changing green slug they have been drinking lately. Well I know that family, because it's our family.

Every year around this time I get emails, Dm's and comments saying something to the affect of "Oh my goodness, this person is so hard to buy for because you never know what they're doing, using and trying lately! You remind me a lot of them, Alyssa, with what you share and what your values are, can you give me some ideas?"

Well HERE IT IS my ultimate gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for the Super-Crunch, Travel Loving, Outdoor Exploring, Organic Eating, Babywearing, Co-Sleeping, person who is always carrying around a giant water bottle- in your life. Maybe they even sent you this list when you asked what they wanted.

These are some tried and true favorites that we use in our home often.

(Some links in this post include affiliate links or Discount Codes where we make a small commission at no additional cost to you!)

They are divided into categories by each of our family members and I have provided options at a variety of price ranges.

For the Crunch Mom:

Wanna spend $5-$10?

Acupressure Dots or 'Ear Seeds' These are great for your crunch moms who prefer acupressure to monomolecular drugs sold by Big Pharma to addict people and control their pocket book and life. Anyway...moving on...

Organic cheese cloth- for all of that fermented food, yogurt and sour dough she's been making or will be making now that she has this!

Wanna spend $10-$50?

Essential Oils Diffuser - if they don't have one they want one and if they do they want another! (This link has 3 different sizes for different room sizes)

Books (Here are a few of my Favorite Authors: Dr Joel Furhman, Dr Joel Khan, Dean Ornish, John and Ocean Robins)

CRUDE Cleanse System. Taking skincare to the basics using simple oils to cleanse your skin instead of petroleum byproducts, harsh chemicals and detergents. You can also get 20% off of your order with the code ALYSSA20 (Yes, even if they have another sale going on or you subscribe for another 20% off!)

A Jar of Raw HAWS BEES Honey- how can it get any more pure than that. This is one of my favorite gifts to give to my feeling crunchers because they appreciate all the painstaking working we go through to preserve the quality of this beautiful, naturally wax and pollen speckled honey.

Wanna spend $50-$150

Essential Oils (We use Doterra and Young Living. The one I linked is my FAVORITE christmas time oil to diffuse!)

Instant Pot -With all that cooking a Crunch Mom is doing to be sure she knows exactly what is in each meal she needs ALLLLLLL the gadgets! If she doesn't already have one you're about to be someones new BFF

Vivo Barefoot Shoes - this is for the Crunch Momster who likes to have her feet free and au natural but is normal enough to not want to make everyone else uncomfortable with that. My favorites are the LITE because they move around like a pair of socks would and I can leave them on all day without feeling restricted! Your feet will thank you... your knees will need to get use to having to do a little more work the way they were designed to. They also have a very handy size calculator that can tell you your size just by you taking a picture of your foot next to a standard size sheet of printer paper! So if you can some how subtly take a picture of someones foot next to a white paper then you'll know exactly what size they need without giving yourself away!

Wanna spend over $150?

Air Doctor Air Purifier We have the standard size and love it! Air Doctor is the standard for air purifiers with its unmatched quality and area coverage while maintaining one of the quietest running volumes of any air purifier ever. And the auto mode makes sure that you're actually using it (because it just runs itself) rather than just hiding it in a corner expecting it to get used some day.

Berkey Water Filter (Here is the one we have. Also, beware of fake Berkey that can be contaminated with other heavy metals and are not stainless steal or safe!)

For the Crunch Dad:

Wanna spend $5-$10?

Sprouting Seeds

Stainless Sprouting Lids

Wanna spend $10-$50?

The Sprout Book by Self-Made Sprout Expert Doug Evans who because so while looking for a hack to eating healthy homegrown food without having a space to garden, time or money

Waffle Mix from Local Juicery THESE ARE THE BEST WAFFLES IN THE WORLD and now not only do they sell a mix for them they sell it in their online store that you can get shipped right to your door! Do we still go to Sedona just to order these?... Yes... do we have to tho?... Only if we want to :)

Glass meal prep containers for lunch at work- because he brings his own lunch, and he keeps taking the family dinner pyrex!

Alpha by HAWS BEES Moringa Leaf Powder: sooo good for you! They either already use it and will be blown away you have found our brand with such high quality (right from our very own trees that we planted ourselves) or they have read about the amazing benefits of the Moringa leaf and they have been wanting to try it and haven't gotten around to it. If you want to impress them even more make a suggestion on how to consume by suggesting they put it in their morning smoothie.

Wanna spend $50-$150

EMF Radiation Protective laptop case by SAFESLEEVE if you have ever heard your crunchy loved one say anything about not sleeping next to your phone this is the gift for them! Phones aren't the only EMF producing product the use!

Alpha By HAWS BEES CBD Ru - so amazing for sore muscles but the Menthol takes it to a whole new level or relief and doubles as a great chest and foot rub during a cold (without all the literally DEADLY IF CONSUMED poisons that are the first 4 ingredients of VICK's... not saying we recommend eating it though, not to mention they warn against using it on babies or more than 3 times a day right on their own website because of the affect it can have!) so if the Alpha by HAWS BEES menthol Variety is in stock snag it while you can! If not go classic. Either way you can't go wrong with the straightforward ingredients and spot on potency. While you're checking it out take a look at the impressive 3rd party tested potency results that we post publicly! (Did you know most CBD products do not actually contain the potency that they claim?! That's actually why we started making our own for personal use and then people kept asking us to sell it! And now here we are.)

Hammock Camp Chair. Take it to the great outdoors or just pop it up at home in the back yard in your bare feet to get some grounding it

Wanna spend over $150?

Therabody Thereagun Mini.

Small but mighty this first of it's kind muscle tension reliever pounds away the pain. Grab this and a magnesium supplement and you will have one happy work out Loving Crunch Dad. Also, don't be like me any try to buy a slightly cheaper brand the first time and get one that wears out in 6 months and smells like burning electrical wires for 3 of those months.

SQUARE ONE Chris Beat Cancer's Online Class- this class changed our lives and we didn't even have cancer threatening us to take it! It's a great class for those who want to overcome cancer without the traditional side affects of the medical system (including the $$$$ side affects). It walks you through exactly what Chris did when he was diagnosed with Colon cancer, what he wish he had done differently and what he things you can do if you're going through it vs. trying to prevent it. It is a phenomenal resource for anyone who is looking to get their body running optimally through our simple and inexpensive God-given resources- the food around us as well as shedding light on the importance of emotional recovery for healing ie forgiving those in your life who have wronged you and calling it quits on things in your life that cause high amounts of stress.

For the Crunch Kid (Brighten is 4.5):

Wanna spend $5-$10?

This is the age they really start to realize that their family does things differently than other families. Brighten has allergies so although she is use to not having treats when other kids do she really lights up when there is something for her! All of our family on both sides is always asking for alternative options for her.

We love raw nuts, fruits and vegetables but every once in a while we get her own 'version' of some things her cousins have around her.

Chocolate Conspiracy Hot Coco Mix is a recent find for us. It is out of Salt Lake and we LOVE it! Although we are just fine mixing maple syrup, cacao and cashew milk this makes it a breeze out of town and visiting family! Check out the ingredients!